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[IP] hormones again (?)

Well bg back to hanging on the high side, so not as
encouraging as it was. Now I don't know when it's
bubbles or what not, and even having uncomfortable
sites again. It could be hormones but I don't think
so, haven't really had a period since November and
even when I did it wasn't more than 2 days of highs...
 I see my doc next week, and started writing things
down (which I HATE! and I had the best control NOT
writing things down!) but all I can think is my a1c is
going back up :-(
 Funny today, saw a guy in the hall his friend NAGGING
him that he was doing harm on himself by eating so
much sugary stuff (He's diabetic too, not pumping
though), and I walk past eating a bag of M &M's that
was just funny. 
  Just frustrated, and I agree about the
responsibility stuff! Keep trying to test basals but
even 2 tests aren't consistent or anything. Oh well,
not that bad, but I just need to vent, I'm also
getting tired of people in general:-)

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