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[IP] Re: [IPn] insulin pump survey

> >To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted, email @ redacted,
> email @ redacted, email @ redacted
> >Subject: [IPn] insulin pump survey
> >Date: Fri, Mar 17, 2000, 2:38 PM
> >
> >....Since this will help all pumpers in some manner, I
> > encourage you to go to their web site and fill out the survey.
> Do you know in fact that this will be beneficial to us pumpers?
> Could it not simply be a marketing tool/ploy?

It is a marketing survey, in the end,  the data will 
result in improvments in products and/or services used by the 
members of this support forum. I don't really care if the marketing 
firm or anyone else makes money (or not) on this activity if in some 
small way it helps us as a group -- which I believe it will.

That was my criteria for allowing the request to participate in the 
survey to be sent to the list. You will notice I sent it myself, no 
one is being sneaky here, it's on the up and up. I was asked, I 
thought about it and decided it was appropriate based on my belief 
that the overall benefits outweighed any downside. I expect from time 
to time that there will be other information of this nature sought 
from our group. We have been asked, in the past, for input about a 
variety of things from a number of "interested" parties, I'm sure we 
will be asked more again. That in part is why the information I 
collect from each of you is presented on the (broken at the moment) 
ABOUT page of the web site. Certain data is valuable for all kinds of 
reasons. It is useful for a variety of interested parties to know 
that there are 200 kids on pumps, what meters are popular, etc... use 
your imagination from the perspective of everyone from mom's to drug 
executives. If we all help a little, regardless of our motives, 
eventually we will beat this beast (diabetes).

After all, Insulin Pumpers is the largest group of it's kind in the 
world. That is why it works so well as a support forum.

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