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Re: [IP] 9 year olds choosing not to pump (getting philosophical)

<big snip of everything>

When I was diagnosed (15), I was "old enough to take responsibility" for my
diabetes.  It was not through choice though - No matter how old we are, the
responsibility is with us.

That being said, by putting anyone on a pump is really giving them more of the
responsibility (and day to day work).  We are sure given mixed messages when we
go on the pump - "Now there isn't a problem eating  _______ "   (fill in the
blank)  There never was a problem, UNLESS thinking about loading a syringe and
using it was more difficult than simply pushing a couple of buttons.

As one parent said - on shots I have to do more of the work.     Might younger
kids be saying when not wanting to be on a pump (at least temporarily) "I don't
want the responsibility, I'm giving it back to you."

How many of the family members of diabetics voluntarily decided to do what a
diabetic needs to do for a period of time.  I challenge family members to "do
diabetes" for a month (saline or sterile H2O) and then see if you are as adamant
about the "best solution".

I have compassion for non-diabetic parents, needing to be in a position of
having to determine what is the best for a diabetic child's physical and
emotional well-being. And also needing to have the energy to be in control of
the uncontrollable........

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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