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[IP] Help. Fever for over a month now, doctors stumped...

Hi All,

I could really use some support / help and or suggestions.

I am really having a hard time right now with depression because I've been 
running  a low grade fever and feel exhausted ( my only symptoms ) for over 
a month now.  I've been on antibiotics twice now.  I went in the hospital 
on Monday for some extensive blood work which at this point shows nothing 
but my white blood count still being low.  Tomorrow I go for two CAT 
scans.  One of my head to check the sinuss' and one on my stomach to check 
for ?.  I've been so overwhelmed I can't remember what the doc is checking 
for there.

I have my doctor stumped.  I typically don't have the "normal" signs on 
anything.  An example was when it took two doctors nine months to determine 
I had mono and that was a fluke.  They just did the test for the heck of it 
for I didn't have the "normal" signs.

I really feel selfish here, for I had unsubbed myself from the list because 
I couldn't take it.  I spend most of my time sleeping and the past two 
weeks taking care of my dad who had to have surgery while he was visiting 
us.  Anyway, I am back and would most greatly appreciate any and all 
suggestions that I could make to my doctor and / or do research on my 
own.  I could use the moral support too.

Oh and my blood sugars are darn near perfect!  :-)

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any assistance you may 
provide me.

Fran, who wants to feel better yesterday.  :-)

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