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Re: [[IP] can you intentionally kick off diabetes?]

email @ redacted wrote:
> A friend of mine was telling me that she is due to get diabetes(failing
> pancreas, already hypoglycemic, and family history back to Adam and Eve
> and her doctor is trying to kick it off  by having her do some things(she
> calling me back later to  tell me what they are--her doorbell rang)
> Is this even POSSIBLE?  Or if it is, is it ADVISABLE?  I am concerned she
> hooked up with a quack and sorta wanted to research it before she called me
> back, but where to even begin?  

There is a treatment for chronic, whether fasting or reactive, hypoglycemia.
It's a nearly no-carb diet, eating only carbs found to work for that person,
since enormous differences happen (YMMV to the max).

A high protein, regulated diet has been found to work for people with this
condition, and may hopefully delay diabetes onset for some amount of time.
I know whereof I speak, my one time step-mother had had Reactive Hypoglycemia
for over 50 years when I first met her, and I helped her learn how to manage
it. She never developed diabetes, but that's probably rare. Her son also has

Incidentally, your friends pancreas isn't necessarily failing, it's just not
controlled correctly. When she eats even a small amount of carbs, particularly
if not accompanied by protein or fat, her pancreas overproduces insulin and
sends her into a hypo. Treating it with sugaror carbs as we tend to tends to
make it worse...

So, yes, it IS a real condition, but many doctors think it isn't possible. It
got bad publicity in the '70s when it was used as a mis-diagnosis for many
things, likely including a fair bit of hypochondria.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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