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[IP] 9 year olds choosing not to pump

It must be in the air, my 10 year old daughter announced at Walmart
yesterday that she was sick of having diabetes, and didn't want to do "this"
any more.  Well, I just helped her laugh at it, told her I too was sick of
her having diabetes, and told her that I would like it very much if she'd
just get over it!  I think it is important to remember that we ALL need to
vent periodically about how much this stinks, kids too.  I guess all parents
are different, but I don't think I'd let Jenna make the choice, at her age,
to go back to shots on a whim - it would have to be a feeling that we talked
about for quite a while.  But, I would encourage you to take her feelings
seriously, and try to problem solve all that you can.  Jenna has discovered
that the little Body Shaper underwear holds a pump flat against your stomach
and can't be seen in a dress that's as slinky as she needs to be wearing,
some clothes may need to be modified a bit so the pump doesn't flop around,
etc.  Let's face it, diabetes is too much responsibility for a 9 year old,
but they're stuck with it.  So, our job is to help them learn and cope, and
listen to them cry and vent when they need to, then pick up and do it all
again tomorrow.

Nancy Morgan

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