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   Congragulations to you too!!!  My A1C actually went UP the first time 
after the pump in October (8.1 to 8.3); but it had a month trip to Europe 
with shots and then only 1.5 months on pump.  HURRAY for us!  Wow, what a 
great week- first, my b-day on the 13th, then a GREAT A1C, now St. Patrick's 
Day, beer anyone?
ps. who should be working, NOT checking email!

>From: Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>
>  Mine came back a few weeks ago 7.6 also.  Looks like us 23 year olds have
>even more in common!  :)  Although my doctor is hoping to see more of a 
>next time. (Mine was 7.6 in Oct. before going on pump but down from 8.2 in
>-- Sherry

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