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[IP] Rebellion

Little Adam and McColm are not alone!

I hate diabetes, too. The sets DO sometimes hurt when they go in.
Fingersticks sometimes hurt for a couple of days (might have gotten a
nerve).  I hate having to think about every bite of food that goes in my
mouth. I hate having to think about my weight, and what time of month it
is. I hate hypos. I hate highs. I hate going to the doctor so often. I
hate lab tests. I hate reading statistics about diabetes complications.
I hate the societal guilt trip (like it's MY fault!). I hate wondering
if every mild chest pain is a heart attack.  Etc. etc. etc.!

And yes, I very definitely DO rebel. Maybe I don't scream and yell (no
one to listen!!!), but I do rebel in my own quiet way. I do things which
are not wise -- like not taking a shot or a bolus (and I pay for it!),
eating WAY too much, not testing -- and I KNOW I'm doing that because
I'm feeling rebellious. 

The pump has actually helped me, because it would take active rebellion
to unhook and not take my basal. So even when I don't bolus, the basal,
at least, is still there. When I was on shots, I would have NOTHING.

The ickiness that ensued was enough to drive me back to my shots pretty
quickly. But somehow, I HAD and HAVE to rebel on occasion. 

I think it's worthwhile to identify those feelings of rebellion when the
kids have them. I think they're normal, and justified! I also think it's
justified to take some form of "vacation" from diabetes from time to
time -- so when McColm wanted to go back to shots, I think that's fine.
A pump vacation doesn't mean leaving it in the drawer forever. I think
she will discover the pros and cons of the pump vs. shots, and then she
will be able to make her own decisions. The pump isn't an all or nothing
affair -- it's just another tool, and no reason she can't switch when
she wants to. 

As far as all the pricking, I think both Adam and the rest of us deserve
to scream about it! But then we get on with it. 

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