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Subject: [IP] What about the beach?

Hi Tracy,
Don't you dare try to keep that 2 year old away from the water!   It's way
too much fun, and the pump frees you up to have fun, not restrict it.  I'm
assuming that you have a Minimed pump, as the Disetronics are waterproof,
and all you have to do is put in the red tappet and have fun.  But, you
still have options with the Minimed.

1)  Bolus for the missing basal insulin every couple of hours, then
disconnect the pump and leave it in a dry place, such as a lunchbox or other
closed container.  Humalog lasts for at least a couple of hours, usually 3,
so you should have a couple of good hours without the pump on.

2).  Use one of several waterproofing methods and keep the pump on.  Minimed
makes the sports pack, but it's a little bulky, and if you don't have one,
you probably won't get one between now and the weekend.  Another IP member
recommends using a ziplock freezer bag, with the tube sticking out of one
side of the "zipper", then sealed across the top with a piece of waterproof
duck tape (Walmart or any hardware store has the shiny, waterproof duck
tape).  The bag will allow you to bolus through the bag, and the duck tape
will keep the sand and water out.  Of course, you'll need to change the
tubing when you take it out of the bag, but that sounds like a good use of
extra tubing to me!  Then, just stick the pump down in her swimsuit, or use
one of the little waist belts with the pump.

Method #1 is definitely easier.  My daughter (who is a good bit older than
yours) is one of the few whose sugars skyrocket with exercise, only to fall
later, so she doesn't do as well with disconnecting, but most kids who drop
with exercise do just fine.

Have a great time at the beach.
Nancy Morgan

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