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Re: [[IP] Insurance coverage for pumps]

"Gary Pieper" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Don't easily give up.  I had to fight with my insurance company for two years
before I got coverage.  Have your doctor write a letter to the insurance
company stating that it is a necessity.   I had two different doctors write
letters saying that I needed the pump.  My insurance company dragged their
feet even after I had the OK from their own medical director.   Then they
tried to tell me it wasn't a covered benefit under my policy.  

A thought to add at this point, a pump can NOT be excluded unless it is
specifically listed in the plan an not being covered. Without that it is a
standard treatment for diabetes and can't be denied by yuour insurance
company. Your state insurance commisioner would be the next one to call(or at
least threaten to.......)

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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