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[IP] Insurance coverage for pumps

Don't easily give up.  I had to fight with my insurance company for two years before I got coverage.  Have your doctor write a letter to the insurance company stating that it is a necessity.   I had two different doctors write letters saying that I needed the pump.  My insurance company dragged their feet even after I had the OK from their own medical director.   Then they tried to tell me it wasn't a covered benefit under my policy.  I finally threatened to get a lawyer and take them to court.   My insurance company finally paid for the pump and has been paying for my supplies for over three years now.    Fight till they give in. 
Insurance companies will try to wear you down in the hopes that you will get discouraged and give up. 
Another good idea is to keep copies of everything you send to your insurance company.  If you talk to anyone on the phone get their name and keep a written record of all calls.  When I finally got written approval I made copies of the letter and locked up the original letter so that nothing would happen to it. 
Good Luck;
G. Pieper    mailto:email @ redacted