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[RE: [IP] Sources of pump supplies]

Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Ted,
> Call Minimed.  They weren't on the list of suppliers for my insurance
> company (BC/BS of MA), but since they had been suppliers for my last
> insurance company I called them for help.  They took 4 days and called back
> and said the supplies were covered 100% by my insurance through them.  It
> worth the shot.  Also, they may have lists of other supply houses that
> what you need if they can't.  (They sell you the pump, they want you to
> using it.) :)  
> Best of luck,
> Sherry

I had thought about that, but am hesitant because of problems I have heard
others had ordering from them shortly after they bought out a suply outfit.
Probably old news by now, perhaps they've straightened things out from the
sound of your experience. 

Thanks for the idea.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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