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Re: [IP] Advice needed from some of our medical professionals (long)


I'm definitely not a medical professional - BUT I may be able to point you in a
direction that may help. (I say with not so fond memories....)

"Tony & Sue (Skay) Abruscato" wrote:

> What advise I need for those of you who are professionals (nurses, doctors,
> etc) in the medical field, who do I contact to file a formal complaint
> against the doctor and school nurse?  We are part of Los Angeles Unified
> School District, and I'm just afraid if I let them handle the whole matter,
> it will just get buried.  I'm not interested in a law suit, or want money
> out of this.  I just want to make sure they never do this kind of thing to
> one of our children ever again.
> Sue in Torrance CA
> mother of Anthony, 11, dx. 9-22-95...MM 508 since 2-17-2000

Sounds like the Los Angeles Unified School District hasn't changed much. My run-in
was about taking driver's training and the year was 1966.  To make a long story
short, the So. Cal. chapter of the American Diabetes Association and a dr. who
later became national president of the ADA got involved.

Sherman Holvey MD was the dr (now retired and not sure what he is doing or even if
he is still alive) and the practice was in Century Park East (off Sunset).

Looks like he is still active - Found this letter (and other information) on the
web site.


He (or the organization) would probably be able to point you in a usefull

Mention that Dr Holvey helped enable diabetics to take driver's training in the LA
Unified School District during the 60's.....  Probably enough resources to make
things happen (again).

Jim S.

And the class did help my insurance rates.   <vbg>

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