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Thank you to all who have written regarding my basal rates.  I am going to try more basal rates and increasing the overnight rates.  Thanks Jenny and Ruth for your input.  I am interested in the dusk phenomenon.  I find that my highest basal rates seem to be at midnight and not when one would expect them to cover the dawn phenomenon.  Does anyone else notice this phenomenon?

I have had several problems with my Minimed and have given it almost 13 months(and 3 different pumps for 3 different problems).  I am ready to move on.  I also like the fact that the Disetronic is waterproof.  It is worth a try since I think I have exhausted all other options.

Thanks again for your input.  This list is great.  I have learned so much here.

And, Jenny, I have read Pumping Insulin several times and you are right, it is a great help.  I am very interested in the fact that you need to increase your basals 2 weeks prior to mestruation.  I have been doing it the week before menstruation starts and will look at my cycle to see if that may be the issue.  Thank you!