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[IP] Classroom Testing/504

I'm new at posting - ususally only read - so if this isn't done correctly - 
I'll learn soon.

> MY opinion is get a new endo...secondly ask the doctor and the school if it
> would be MORE convenient to have the EMTs come take your child off in an
> ambulance when he or she passes out in gym class from a hypo.

YES, believe it or not, this is exactly the action that has been recommended. 
 My child can go to the clinic to test, he can even treat a sympthon as a low 
- whereever he is without testing - but to test he MUST go to the clinic.  
Glucagon will only be administered IF it happens to be needed on the one day 
per week that the nurse is there.  Even then it may not be used.  Of course 
the goal (my goal) is never to need it. 
>>the case of the little girl in Connecticut, where a court ruled she
>>had the right to test in class. PLUS you cite the fact that having to go
>>to the nurse to test takes too much educational time out of the school
>>day. PLUS you cite the fact that OSHA has ruled that blood testing does
>>not involve a biohazard risk.
I tried that argument, even copied the articles and gave them to the district 
office as well as the school.  I also added the VA case in regard to 
glucagon.  I have sent copies of The Juvenile Diabetes Association's 
Guidelines and our local diabetes chapter has established a Student's Bill of 
Rights - I gave the school and district a copy of that too. I contacted OCR 
and talked at great length with a representative there.  He felt like as soon 
as I told the school I had spoken with them, the issues would be resolved.  
But NO not so!  
Unfortunately, even OCR said I must have the endo backing me or I can't push 
the school to cooperate. I do have an appointment with a new endo, April 6th 
-- yippppeeee!   This one sounds good.  At least he will make a pump decision 
based on the individual not the age and hopefully will give the school 
instructions on how to do things right!  It is beyond my comprehension why 
any endo would not prescribe a pump for someone who wants one and is willing 
to learn how to use it!  Why not have the best control possible?  Maybe if 
the glucose levels were more stable, there wouldn't be so many school related 
>>You DO have a 504 plan, don't you?
We had a 504, it needs renewed, but we haven't been able to agree on a new 
one yet.  The accommodations that were in the old one weren't followed too 
well.  The teacher says it is too much work, the district said I was too 
demanding and the attorney said we need an IEP instead of a 504!  Funny thing 
- I didn't write up the original 504 that the school says is too demanding - 
their school psychologist wrote it up - every bit of it!
Susan - Grandma playing Mom to Cory age 10 dx'd 12/28/98 - hope to pump soon
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