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[IP] Advice needed from some of our medical professionals (long)

Yesterday we had our IEP at school for our son Anthony who is 11, and has 
been pumping for about a month now.  Our school district hadn't been 
meeting our needs in the last year and a half, and were now giving us fits 
about the pump.  With some advise from legal advocates we determined that 
the school district had violated his civil rights.  We pushed for this 
meeting to finally get everything settled once and for all.

The day before yesterday I got paged in my classroom (I maintain the 
computer lab at his school), to tell me that Anthony was in the office and 
that he was low.  I had been tied up with a student who had a crashed 
computer, so it took me about 4 minutes until I was able to go to the 
office.  You have to understand that we do have a hypoglycemic protocol in 
place, and that either the school nurse (on the days she's there), office 
personnel and the principal are all trained in this protocol, so they do 
not have to wait for me to do it.

I arrived at the nurses office only to find Anthony just sitting there.  He 
had taken his blood test and was at 55.  I asked him if he had either taken 
glucose tabs or had any juice and he said no.  I reacted quickly to make 
sure he was treated, sent for his lunch and made him sit and eat it in the 
office.  The doctor the school district had assigned to research the pump 
had been brainstorming with the school nurse in the office preparing for 
our meeting the next day.  She started asking me questions about Anthony 
and his diabetes.  This is the same doctor I had been told wanted to assign 
a full time aid to follow Anthony everywhere next year in middle 
school....her way of solving their "problem" of Anthony and his 
pump.  Later that day when Anthony arrived home from school, I asked him 
about what had happened before I got to the office, and why he hadn't taken 
anything for his low.  He told me the doctor asked him what he wanted to 
do.  I responded "What do you mean what do YOU want to do?!  You've never 
had a choice in this matter in school....there is a formal protocol that 
has to be followed."

Needless to say I brought this matter up at our IEP meeting yesterday...by 
this time I was fuming!  We had a representation at the meeting of our two 
CDE's from Kaiser, another school nurse (who's also diabetic and on the 
pump, and will probably be his school nurse next year) who was acting as 
Anthony's personal advocate, our principal, the nursing coordinator and her 
coordinator, Anthony's DIS coordinator, our school nurse and the district 
doctor.  The doctor explained that she was testing Anthony and me and to 
see what we would do about him being low at school.  Well let me tell you, 
every nurse in the room tore into both of them, even accusing them of 
malpractice.  They literally put Anthony's life on the line in order to 
build their case against us.

Now onto our successes.....Anthony will be able to test anywhere on 
campus...including the classroom whenever he feels low.  There will be 
appropriate nursing personnel on campus whenever myself or the school nurse 
isn't on campus.  Anthony will now have access to his emergency insulin 
supply for any natural disasters that might occur (earthquake, etc).  We 
will be meeting in June to set up what's necessary for middle school next 
year, including inviting the new principal to the meeting.  Lots more 
issues to settle then, but related to middle school and not elementary school.

What advise I need for those of you who are professionals (nurses, doctors, 
etc) in the medical field, who do I contact to file a formal complaint 
against the doctor and school nurse?  We are part of Los Angeles Unified 
School District, and I'm just afraid if I let them handle the whole matter, 
it will just get buried.  I'm not interested in a law suit, or want money 
out of this.  I just want to make sure they never do this kind of thing to 
one of our children ever again.

Sue in Torrance CA
mother of Anthony, 11, dx. 9-22-95...MM 508 since 2-17-2000

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