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[IP] i like it SLOW

I was WAITING for a smat ass remark from someone...and since buddy and john 
neale aren't around any more i knew it would come from you wayne!!
as for the "rotate as you insert", I DO do that as well.  I have no idea how 
many exact degrees, but it does kinda helps "screw" it in, if you know what I 
mean - I do NOT mean for htis to sound as VULGAR as you are all taking it!  

>  p.s. Say Sara, how come you never visit Baltimore?  

No URTA business, no free place to stay, no amusement park, too close to 
washington dc...need any more reasons??

> And why do you leave town whenever I visit the big apple?

uhhh because you don't TELL me you are coming to town??!!  sheeessshhh.  I am 
only a mind reader for those that sign my pay checks!

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