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Re: [IP] Trouble with Accu-Chek Comfort Curve

At 11:04 AM 3/17/00 -0800, you wrote:
Hi, I use about 400 a month of the comfort curves a month.  Last month
in my supply I got a 50 bottle of strips that would not work in either
meter.  ................... The lot #is 533948

Tammy, before leaving Accu-Chek the first time I noticed I would get strips that would not work. It turned out not to be the strips but the little module you plug into the meter. Since coming back to Accu-Chek I again keep one of every module that worked to use in case that should happen again. Your lot number above shows the module number as 948 and if you have a module that worked previously with that number it will work for any bottle that has that number.