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Re: [IP] correcting lows

At 10:36 AM 3/16/00 -0500, you wrote:
In a message dated 03/15/2000 11:08:50 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< My
 insulin sensitivity factor is 28  >>


Where do you get this number from? Insulin sensitivity factor?

Susan (mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99)

Susan, that is what the person starting me on the pump called it. It is the point drop in my blood sugar per unit of insulin. I had zeroed in on a number by increments of 5 (20, 25, 30.......). After a while using 30 I couldn't get the numbers to drop so I switched back to 25. This wasn't good as it blasted the bottom out and the numbers fell too quick and too low. Now I am using 28 and not only carry spare batteries for my pump but my calculator also. I responded to an earlier email about math but dividing by 28 in your head, unless it is to decide which keys to push on the calculator, is rather difficult.