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[IP] Fast take meter

I was reading yesterday's post's about the fast take meter request by
someone and decided to just call Life scan and ask for one.  They said,
"Can I
help you? " and I said, "Can I get a Fast take meter sent to me?" and they
"YES!"  I told them that I use about 300 stirps a month and they were more
than willing to send it to me.  I did have to answer a few questions like
how often I tested and what type of Insurance I had just for statistical
purposes.   Thanks for all the info you guys have provided inthe last three
months for getting free meters.  I have gotten a Accucheck complete and a
Dex meter for free too.  I already had an Accucheck Advantage and a One
Touch Profile.  I like to keep my optons open with my meters.  That way
should my life style and day to day activities change,I have pretty much
most of
the meters on the market to chose from already in my home.  And getting my
choice of test srtips from the military healthcare system is no problem for
me.  thanks

Sheila Morris
Pumping for 3 and 1/2 months
type I 12yrs
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