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[IP] eating disorders


    WELL, I am one of those young girls that had/have an eating disorder. I
would have to say there were other circumstances around it, but I do believe
that you have to grow up so fast as a child having Diabetes. You lose a lot
of control that the other kids have that you WANT something to call your
own. Also, the stress of being different, so you don't want to stand out
anymore then you have to. So, I too, did the food manipulation technique. It
worked and I was happy, yet felt HORRIBLE. I mean AWFUL! Not only was I
terribly sick all the time, but I missed a lot of school, almost died
several times and I STOOD OUT BIG TIME!

    I do understand the idea behind it and I struggle with it today at the
age of 26. I do know that parents, well I FEEL, that parents should allow an
open line of communication with their young Diabetics, but at the same time
PLEASE don't get mad at them if they have issues with food. Just think HOW
would you handle it if it was YOU, not them? It is hard and food is a HUGE
focus and usually, well when I was young, doctors and parents and any adult
would make you feel like the worst kid on the planet for wanting a cookie or
a Twinkie or anything that was NORMAL. It was like they made me feel like I
was a bad kid!

Well, that is my two cents worth. Thanks for letting me vent on a topic I am
VERY familiar with, eating disorders, UGH!

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