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[IP] YMMV- Dex tabs included

I think treating lows is a YMMV thing as much as anything else.  I for one,
do not treat with Dex (or any other type of glucose tabs).  My prefered way
to treat a low is a non-carbonated, non-acidic (i.e. orange or grapefruit
juice), room temperature drink.  After that is a carbonated room temperture
drink.  I'll go for cold drinks after that.  And usually if I don't have
any of the above, I'll have some type of fat free candy and try to drink a
bunch of water with it (Lifesavers + water works well and is easy for me to
keep by my bed... sometimes juice boxes are a challenge to open).  I got
the flu a couple years after I was dx.  I could not keep anything solid
down.  I wound up subsisting on sucking on frozen Kool-Aid ice cubes for a
couple days.  A couple days after I could eat again, I got low and ate some
glucose tabs.  Not even a minute later I was praising a porcialine god.
Ever since then, I will get a major upset stomach if I treat with something
non-liquid and it usually takes longer (liquid is usually around 5-10
minutes, solids are more like 10-15 even with chewing them up really well).
 I don't have any gastro problems.  My CDE and endo says that is strange,
but if it works for me, keep using the juice.  When I'm low I will get very
combative if someone tries to make me eat something solid.  I suspect part
of the liquid thing is purely psycholigical, but I don't really care.  When
I'm low, whatever works is what I use (I will if nothing else is around eat
food/candy/tabs, but I'm unhappy about it and feel miserable until I take
atleast a little nap).  If Dex tabs work best and fastest for you, that is
great.  It is a lot more convient to carry than juice.  However, I'll stick
with my juice.

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