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[IP] re: weight gain & Sara's post...

I AM still here Sara... and thanks for the kind words!  :)  I'd say you did
a darn good job with this explanation yourself!  I have to agree... and to
emphasize that weight gain does NOT have to be an unavoidable side effect of
good blood sugar control.  Sara explained it well... it's about matching
caloric intake to caloric expenditure, as well as matching insulin needs (in
our cases) as precisely as possible.  Having said that, I will also admit
that for many people (diabetic and non-diabetic alike) weight management is
a constant and often frustrating battle.  There are MANY factors that play a
role in each person's level of energy intake/expenditure... and lots of ways
that you can help to increase and improve that! - Exercise, for one.  :)

	Using a pump does NOT mean that you *will* gain weight.  I believe there
are stats on this website in that regard, right Michael?  I am one of the
many who did not gain weight with pumping... in fact, I am actually down a
few pounds from my MDI days.  At first I ate literally everything in sight!
*lol*  ... all the things I had spent 15 years simply sneaking and feeling
guilty about.  But pumping changed my perspective on food.  For the first
time since my diabetes diagnosis (I celebrate 17 years this month! *grin*) I
can live with an entire box of Oreo cookies in my cupboard and not feel like
I have to eat the whole thing in the next ten minutes!  And NOT having to
eat if I don't want to has provided a level of freedom that I believe only
people with diabetes can truly understand.  It's rather refreshing!

	I am always happy to answer any exercise/weight management/diabetes related
questions - feel free to ask, either via this list or email me directly.  I
will try to help if I can.

Always in health,
Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Type 1 3/83, MM 507 11/97

----- copied -------
>It doesn't matter if your blood sugars are
>excellent or not...if you eat too much you will gain weight, just like a
>normal person now.  Ie, on the pump, we can eat ice cream...we bolus for it
>.... keep up the exercise and talk to the dietitian...Delaine are you
>here?  she is the expert in this area!


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