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Re: [IP] 2 (yes, count 'em!) new meters are on the way!

At 9:17 AM -0600 3/16/00, Diane Hudson wrote:
>What did the rep say was great about the Sure Step meter? And what's the
>scoop on the Fastake?

Hi Diane,

Good questions. So good, in fact, that I went to the LifeScan website to
check out the SureStep a little more thoroughly. After that, I called them
to see if I can just get 2 Fastakes. :-) I couldn't see any advantage to
the SureStep for me.

As far as I can tell, both the SureStep and the Fastake take 15 seconds,
although the SureStep may take longer sometimes (!). The Fastake is smaller
(fits in the palm of your hand) and has a large, easy-to-see read-out. The
SureStep's main selling point seems to be that it is easy to do (or so they
say--I can't testify to that personally). They are both (according to the
rep) plasma-blood meters, meaning that's what they test, not whole blood,
which is supposed to be better.

Okay, enough of this lecture by someone who's never held either of these
meters in her hands! Here's the website:


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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