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[IP] Re: Overcorrecting

In a recent IP digest, AHSHOATS said:

>When 10yo Summer is low, she frantically guzzles an apple juice, immediately
>says she feels worse, and cries for more correction.

This is tough, you betcha! But it's been my experience (D 40 years, pumping
6 months) that immediately after you eat some carbs for a low, all of a
sudden the low symptoms increase markedly. It feels like you're going lower,
but you're not: your body just suddenly "notices" what's happening more
(don't ask me why). One of the folks at our local Diabetes Health Center
says this is why some of us tend to "eat the fridge" when we go low. But
it's not the way to go. Take the carb, have patience, and keep track of what
happens. Summer will be happier later on that day if you do.

At least, that's been my experience. As always, YMMV. Good luck!

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
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