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Re: [IP] i like it SLOW

Erinn wrote:
>>  do you have to insert the site fast, or can you go in slowly?
and Sara replied:
>NO, and yes....the main reason i could never use the sof set was cuz you had 
>to JAB it in you (this was pre sofserter days).

Interesting. Shane is the exact opposite. He hates doing set changes or
injections "slow". That is the one feature of the sof sets he prefers
over the sils: the ability to jab it in. He is currently using sils but
can't wait until some sort of "hybrid" set is available.

>>  is it possible to kink the cannula if you go in slow? 
>anything is possible...but I never have and i have used sils for 3 years now

When we were getting trained, the CDE told us it is not really the speed
that is important for avoiding kinks, it is maintaining a steady
pressure. You can go as slow or fast as you want pretty much, just don't
stop and start.
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