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Re: [IP] i like it SLOW

I do like Sara, with one minor improvement :-).  When I find a spot that
seems to be free from pain fibers and start inserting, I gently rotate the
sil back and forth maybe 30 - 40 degrees as I push. This helps the
introducer needle cut through the skin more easily with less distortion of
adjacent tissue, where there might be some nasty pain fibers lurking.
p.s. Say Sara, how come you never visit Baltimore?  And why do you leave
town whenever I visit the big apple?

>  do you have to insert the site fast, or can you go in slowly?

<<<<<<<so what I do, after i have alcohol wiped and bard prepped, I exhale,
roll my
shoulders, exhale again and pinch my inch...KEEP breathing...I imagine my
skin cells are separating as i touch the needle tip to my skin.  if it HURTS
I move it...I do not EVER force it when it hurts.  I just keep touching the
needle to the skin til i find a place where i get no resistance...then i
slide the sucker in SLOW...>>>>>>>>>

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