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Re: [IP] Overcorrecting

>    My solution to the "overtreating" problem was to sit with Melissa while
> she drank the 4 oz. juice ( which as you said is a KNOWN 15 gms of
> fast-acting sugar) & then hand her animal crackers or pretzels, and bolus
> the precise amount eaten.

and wouldn't you know it...last night geneva (who was sleeping with me
because dad is in dayton).. woke up feeling low...tested at 65...went
downstairs to make gatorade  (her recent treatment for lows).  she comes
back up and gets into bed.  a few seconds later, I hear crunch, crunch.  I
said..geneva are you eating something?  she said,  yes..but I didn't want to
wake you up.  she was eating these choc. teddy graham type cookies.  I said,
now, make sure that you bolus for the cookies, OK?

this morning...254.   since I did not make sure she  bolused...she  fell
asleep before getting to it.

a lesson learned.  (by HER, I hope!)


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