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Re: [IP] Growth Hormone


 First, was it necessary for the doctor to reveal the results to Jessica? 

I sat down with Jessica and told her the results as she was expecting them 
anyway.  She was the one who asked the Dr. about her height and wanted him 
to do something.  Jess is very mature for her age as far as her body and 
health are concerned, I guess she has to be after living with diabetes for 7

out of her last 8 years.  After some research I have done, I have discussed 
what I found with her and now she is very positive about the idea of Growth 
Hormone Therapy, IF it needs to be done.  They actually make a pen, like the

Insulin pen, to deliver the injection.  The only real negative side effect I

have come across is insulin resistance, but I deal with that everytime she 
gets sick or has an infection...this is where pumping will be a great 
benefit.  But we will wait until May and get the results of a second IGF-1 
to test the growth hormone levels and then make our decision.  Thanks to 
everyone who responded, you made me feel much better. 
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.7 years & Jarred, 9 

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