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Re: [IP] RE: overcorrecting dilemma


we were doing fine with this concept of only treating a little at a time.
geneva's choice is lifesavers.  she really abhors dex tabs.  won't touch
them if they were the last thing on earth to eat!
she rises about 20 points with one lifesaver.  this is perfect for when she
gets to that 80/90 stage (which she hates)...it brings her to her target of

but lately..we have been having some problems with her constantly changing
carb ratio/growth thing/whatever you want to call it in an 11 yr. old girl!
thus...I am finding her sneaking those juice boxes into her purse when she
goes out with friends.  apparently,  she was having some periods similar to
MDI in which she would feel herself dropping,  would take a lifesaver,
test...and be a bit lower.  she panics, of course when this happens.

so..we are in the midst of retraining so that she does not over correct.
but I totally agree.  juice spikes her up way too much.  we learned this
early on in pumping.

if the basals are pretty 'good'...then there should not be that sudden drop.
right?  therefore,  4-5 carbs should 'take the edge' off.

now, I do think that if one is engaged in strenuous activity...then  juice
is sufficient.  but  for just taking care of a miscalculated bolus or
basal, geneva can be pretty conservative.


> The tabs do work faster> And because I know I can count
> on them working more quickly, I almost always take the couple minutes to
> test on my meter.
>    I've established that my blood glucose rises 3 to 4 points for each
> of carb, so one glucose tab (4 grams CHO) raises me 12 points

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