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Re: [IP] I need help with basal rates!

>I think I'd still work with the MM
> until you know for sure that more rates would help (i.e., basal set at .3
> gives you good control for first 2 hours of 4-hour basal rate, but you're
> high the 2nd 2 hours. Then basal set at .4 makes you low for 1st 2 hours,
> but fine for 2nd 2 hours of 4-hour rate).

just to second jenny's opinion.

geneva has a three hour period from 12 midnight to 2 am in which we have the
following basals set.  (this took alot of testing and fine tuning!)

12 midnight    0.7
1 am              0.6
2 am              0.5

she then goes to this:

3 am until 5 am          0.3
6 am                         0.4
7 am until 10 am        0.5

in the case of the '4 hour basal' like jenny mentions....we have the same
from 8 until 11 pm.  we have to split the 4 hour into two parts.  the first
two hours is 1.2 and the second two hours goes up to 1.3

this has to do with geneva  usually falling asleep around the second part
and she automatically rises  (BG) when she hits the pillow.  (called dusk

mom to 11 yr old geneva today.

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