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[IP] math

Nancy wrote: 
>  I don't think I could do that math on a good bs.  
> how do you do it when you are low?

For someone who ends up buying SOCKS when she is low instead of eating, I 
find it imperative to have a roll of dex tabs in every backpack or purse I 
own.  You don't have to do ANY math, as long as you KNOW what you need.  

Example (and I am going to round my numbers for ease in understanding):

1 unit of insulin lowers me APPROX 50 points
i unit of insulin = 15 grams of carbohydrate
THEREFORE - 15 grams of carb = 50 points of blood sugar = 1 unit.

Say I test and I am 45.  as long as I KNOW the above formula, I KNOW if I 
take my 4 dex tabs (16g of cho) my bg should go up approx 50 points - 95.  Of 
course, I can also eat the whole roll and raise myself to 190, or maybe I am 
dropping even more and 4 wo't be enough, but that is not the point...

the whole aim of dex tabs is to relieve you from having to do math when you 
are incapacitated...Do the math while you are normal...KNOW how many to take 
to raise you 50 points... This will keep you  from wandering the aisles 
WONDERING what you should buy to "treat" this low, and you don't end up with 
40 pairs of socks

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