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[IP] great idea


wierd and wise, am I?  LOL thanks - I am gonna tell my mom - she will crack up

as for the site finder  0 WOW what an awesome idea!!!!!!  the idea of you 
trying to hike your belly up onto the copier has me in tears!!!!  i always 
wondered why people used to photocopy their butts...now i know why - they 
were looking for new sites...LOL

but in the meantime, can I suggest perhaps using the bent needle set?  I know 
it doesn't have a disconnect and you have to tape it on, which sucks in the 
hot sticky summer, but you do have the luxury of being able to move it around 
a little bit without using up supplies....though the metal might do more harm 
than good

as for the stud finder...hmmmm - that sounds good...what do you do - hold it 
up to a guys forehead and it tells you if there is a place you can hang a 
nail or not?  i want one

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