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[IP] RE: overcorrecting dilemma

>>>When 10yo Summer is low, she frantically guzzles an apple juice,
says she feels worse, and cries for more correction.  I feel nervous giving
food on top of a low, and having to bolas for it because it is too much.
Yet, of course, without a bolas she goes high.  So I struggle to get her to
wait it out, for the correction to kick in, but she gets miserable.  Help>>

This I offer up not only for Summer but for others who wrote recently on the
topic of correcting and overcorrecting lows.
     I'm always amazed that so many folks still correct lows with juice, or
candy or some other food that one might choose to eat in normal moments.
Actually, I should be amazed at myself for being amazed, because I used to
correct this way too.
   But a year ago, I was at a presentation where a CDE/dietitian said she
advises her patients to always correct with Dex tabs (glucose tabs, whatever
they are called....those chalky tablets that come in orange, grape,
raspberry and lemon -- ewwww!!!! on the lemon). Why? She said  because the
tabs  are glucose and not some other form of sugar, they start being
absorbed the minute you put them in your mouth. She also noted, that once
you figure out how many points your blood sugar will rise you can take
exactly as many of the tablets as you need, avoiding the overcorrection.
   Theory is one thing, right? Well, although Dex tabs were just one of the
ways I used to treat lows, I made them the only way (excepted of course are
my rare stupid moments where I've forgotten to bring them). And what do you
know. She was right. The tabs do work faster> And because I know I can count
on them working more quickly, I almost always take the couple minutes to
test on my meter.
   I've established that my blood glucose rises 3 to 4 points for each gram
of carb, so one glucose tab (4 grams CHO) raises me 12 points (I use the
conservative estimate). I always test again in about 10 minutes, just to
make sure the trend is upwards -- that I didn't catch a low in the middle of
a steep dive, which will need more treatment.
   The dex tabs are not in my opinion the funnest thing to eat, but they
keep my mouth busy while I'm eating them. They take longer to get down than
juice and yet they hit your bloodstream way faster. The juice goes down and
then has to be digested and converted into glucose (what I understood from
the presentation) so Summer has swallowed it and it's not working yet and no
wonder she feels panicked. The same thing used to happen to me.
    Although I still hate lows, I have considerably less anxiety about them
since I started treating them with the Dex tabs. I also ended the problems
of the wild excursions into the 300s afterward.

I hope this might be of help.


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