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Re: [IP] I need help with basal rates!

HI Suzie,

Just a couple of suggestions (which you may have already tried!). First, do
you have the "Pumping Insulin" book? It's a huge help in understanding and
setting basals (and other things). Also, keep an eye on your menstrual
cycle. I have to up my nighttime basals 2 weeks before my period and then
re-set them back once my period starts. For some women, the
insulin-resistance doesn't start until a week before their period is due.
I'd suggest looking for some sort of pattern with yours.

Having more basal rates might help. I have a D. (H-Tronplus) and I love it.
OTOH, it could just confuse matters. I think I'd still work with the MM
until you know for sure that more rates would help (i.e., basal set at .3
gives you good control for first 2 hours of 4-hour basal rate, but you're
high the 2nd 2 hours. Then basal set at .4 makes you low for 1st 2 hours,
but fine for 2nd 2 hours of 4-hour rate).

Hope this helps,


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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