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Re: [IP] Overcorrecting

In a message dated 3/16/00 1:18:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<<  However, YOU have to impose the rules and regulations on this, as 
 on all other things, if she is going to learn how to take care of herself.  
 you are the mom.   >>
   For not being a mom, you get an A+ on sizing up this problem IMHO!  Of 
course if I give you an A+ for this advice, then I guess you deserve an A++ 
for the Dr. Seuss "testing anywhere" rhyme!!!
   My solution to the "overtreating" problem was to sit with Melissa while 
she drank the 4 oz. juice ( which as you said is a KNOWN 15 gms of 
fast-acting sugar) & then hand her animal crackers or pretzels, and bolus for 
the precise amount eaten. Now that I'm less of a presence in her self-care, 
she's gotten lax about measuring the snacks & surprise, surprise, the ensuing 
bgs are less where they should be....BUT, I DID provide the "tools" and the 
"guidelines" and she knows that by applying them, she will get better 
results..sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't...but she's 17 & I doubt 
I'd have been 1/2 as compliant as she is if I were she!

Regards, Renee
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