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[IP] Overcorrecting

Summer's mom wrote:
>When 10yo Summer is low, she frantically guzzles an 
> apple juice, immediately says she feels worse, and cries 
> for more correction.  I feel nervous giving food on top of a 
> low, and having to bolas for it because it is too much.  

Well, i am not a parent, but i have babysat and taught kids for years, and in 
those instances, i am like a substitute parent...I am responsible for that 
child. If that child, diabetic or not, wanted to eat comet, I would not allow 
it.  Now apple juice is not comet, of course, but you know I like to be 
dramatic.  However, YOU have to impose the rules and regulations on this, as 
on all other things, if she is going to learn how to take care of herself.  
you are the mom.  Give her a juice box or 4 dex tabs or whatever the EXACT 
amount she needs to raise her up.  You need to know how much simple carb will 
raise her X points.  give her that much and insist she wait 10-15 minutes.  

She needs to learn this.  What does she do when she goes away to college?  
Crah, binge, rollercoaster???  

This may seem harsh, but she isn't 3.  She is 10 and she probably has other 
rules and regulations around the house and at school she has to abide by.  
make this one of them.  You aren't being mean, you aren't abusing her.  Once 
she realizes how crappy she feels when she rebounds from overeating for a 
hypo, and once she starts gaining weight due to this, she will understand 
more fully, but for now, you be the mama, and let her be the little girl who 
has to do what mama says....as long as it lasts..pretty soon, if she is like 
MOST teen agers,  you won't be able to tell her anything....

Sara who would make a crappy parent but a GREAT babysitter
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