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[IP] inconvience?????

Susan wrote:
>  According to my attorney, we can only do classroom testing 
> IF the endo writes  an order for it.  He won't do that - doesn't 
> want to inconvience the school!

WHAT!!!  I have never heard a more ridiculous statement.  Starting place in 
MY opinion is get a new endo...secondly ask the doctor and the school if it 
would be MORE convenient to have the EMTs come take your child off in an 
ambulance when he or she passes out in gym class from a hypo.

Jeez I feel like we are living in the dark ages - do NOT put up with this.  
It is yor child's right to a good education...and how can he or she learn if 
they are not in good health???  please visit the web site and do a search oon 
testing in the classroom and see the suggestions from others...this is 

Sara who tests anywhere she dam well pleases...

on the train, in the rain, 
in a box, with a fox (even if he isn't a blind date),
in a house and even soused..
I prick, I bleed, I do what I need, 
whenever, wherever, ...so who pushed my poet lever?

>  Susan
>  - ---------------
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