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[IP] i like it SLOW

Erinn wrote:
>  you guys probably think i'm nuts with all these sil questions

nahhh - wish i had this group when I started using them...the little paper 
insert tells you diddly squat!!

>  do you have to insert the site fast, or can you go in slowly?

NO, and yes....the main reason i could never use the sof set was cuz you had 
to JAB it in you (this was pre sofserter days). So I chose the bent needle 
set...you could ssssssllllliiiiiddddddeeeeee  it in as slow as you wanted.  I 
 have always had to "gear up" and psych myself up for it and i have been 
doing it 7 years...Oh don't you get USED to is?  i hatge that question - oh 
you must bre USED to doing blood tests...it probably doesnt even hurt any 
more"  like it EVER did?  anyway, I digress.  

so what I do, after i have alcohol wiped and bard prepped, I exhale, roll my 
shoulders, exhale again and pinch my inch...KEEP breathing...I imagine my 
skin cells are separating as i touch the needle tip to my skin.  if it HURTS 
I move it...I do not EVER force it when it hurts.  I just keep touching the 
needle to the skin til i find a place where i get no resistance...then i 
slide the sucker in SLOW...

A full set change for me takes under 6 minutes...and probably a full 4 1/2 
minutes of that is the mental psych up....

>  is it possible to kink the cannula if you go in slow? 

anything is possible...but I never have and i have used sils for 3 years now

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