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Re: [IP] Overcorrecting deleoma

> When 10yo Summer is low, she frantically guzzles an apple juice,
> immediately says she feels worse, and cries for more correction.  I
> feel nervous giving food on top of a low, and having to bolas for it
> because it is too much.  Yet, of course, without a bolas she goes
> high.  So I struggle to get her to wait it out, for the correction
> to kick in, but she gets miserable.  

Use glucose tablets -- take 10 to 20 minutes max. If Lily is low, she 
takes enough glucose to bring her up to 150, then test about 15 
minutes later. If it is a deep low, usually her bg's will not have 
moved very much, and she repeats the procedure until she gets to 
about 100. Then if unused insulin calculations indicate that she will 
fall further, a snack to balance what is left is eaten.
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