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Re: [IP] class testing

I know it sounds REAL bad, but when I was in school, my parents and I learned 
that the ONLY way to get through to teachers was to tell them the worst 
possible case.  For example, with high blood sugars, all teachers knew the 
worst that could happen if I did not get insulin right then.  We stressed 
what the worst could be if a low was not taken care of right then. Most of my 
teachers were very helpful.  Almost every teacher in the school knew me and 
knew I was diabetic and could tell when something was not right, sometimes 
even before I knew something was not right.  We were never slack with this, 
we always did the worst case.  For most of my teachers, this put fear into 
them.  It also scared the school administration as to what could happen to 
them by law if a high or low was not treated and something happened to me.  
With some people, you always have to stress the bad before the good.  Good 
                   Cheri :)
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