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Re: [IP] Overcorrecting deleoma

At 09:34 PM 3/15/00 -0500, you wrote:
When 10yo Summer is low, she frantically guzzles an apple juice, immediately
says she feels worse, and cries for more correction.  I feel nervous giving
food on top of a low, and having to bolas for it because it is too much. 
Yet, of course, without a bolas she goes high.  So I struggle to get her to
wait it out, for the correction to kick in, but she gets miserable.  Help

When I was young you could not give me "real" coke or fruit juices because of what you describe. The drinks would drive me lower and   sometimes would bring my bg level up only to drop me again. In my estimation a person should eat something to correct a low bg. The thing I do now is to calculate the carbs I need to recover from low sugars. I take my carb ratio and insulin sensitivity formula and work backwards to get the carbs I need for that particular low. It works for me but YMMV (I really dislike acronyms). For example say my sugar was 50. If it were high I would subtract my baseline (120). I do the same thing here: 50 - 120 = -70. My insulin sensitivity factor is 28 and is divided into the previous number: -70 / 28 = -2.5. We are almost there, this is the "negative units" of insulin that we need in order to correct. Now we take our carbohydrate factor (15 for me) and multiply: 2.5 x 15 = 37.5g carbs needed for me to correct a low of 50. Like I said it may or may not work for everyone or you may have to tweak it a little, but my sugars after a low have not been like Sing a Long With Mitch (Miller) in the 60's, "Follow the bouncing ball".