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[IP] I need help with basal rates!

Hi All,
I have been reading the digest for a couple of weeks now and have
decided to post a question.  I was diagnosed with Dm at the age of 10
and have been on MDI for 27 years.  I have been using the MM 507C for a
year and a couple of weeks.  In that time I have not been able to nail
down my basal rates.  I work extremely closely with my CDE - talk to her
daily and adjust basals.  My bgs continue to be very inconsistent with
at least one to two in the 200 range daily.  My am fasting bg is almost
always over 200.  My total basal rates have ranged from 12.0 to 18.0 per
day at different times as we have tried to set the rates.  I can never
seem to repeat a basal rate check.  I have decided to try the Disetronic
Htron + to see if that would help.  Does anyone have any other
suggestions?  I am running out of ideas as is my CDE.  I have even tried
the basal rate estimator on the web site with no luck.  Is this just my
crazy body or what???????  Help!

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