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Re: [IP] class testing

In a message dated 3/15/00 9:47:57 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So I would tell parents, especially of small children, NEVER take it for
 granted that a school employee knows that your child is diabetic. >>

I agree, but - a Big But - I trained everyone in contact with Kap - down to 
every sub that comes into the class - which most are my neighbors - very 
close knit community - everyone knows everyone.
But our school has been a big kick about ADHD/ADD and they will receive 
federal bucks for training adhd/add children - which is fine with me - and 
the everyone knows the signs for adhd/add and Low bgs are similar - so 
therefore - Kap is thought to be adhd and not LOW.  This is were I have a 
really big problem.  Our school has been drilled and re-drilled on the signs 
of adhd/add then  over look Kap with a LOW.
Everyone knows me and my child personally - hands on.  She backed off when I 
told her he was low - then she thought  yeah - Diabetes.  
Everyone has been trained, and I quizzed them - but still the mentally of it 
is Diabetes does not register to them or apparently on this day to Kap.
I think - with the up and coming school meeting on Diabetes 101 with Kap - 
the word low bgs will not be used - but instead - the worst case  - 
Convulsions or Seizures - Coma -  BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THEM.  Stress the 
worst case situation.   Maybe I havent stress the worst possible things that 
could happen and this has been my mistake.
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Kap's Mom who just wants be THINK DIABETES.
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