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Re: [IP] Lows, Symptoms, and Brians Statement -- Sorry So Long

   I completely and totally understand what you wrote about! (pst, hope you 
can recall what you wrote since you were so low? :)  My "old 23 year old 
body" is so similar.  This is why I like and appreciate this list so much!  
I was diagnosed in 1983, and I definitely understand about the psychological 
incomprehension of 2 tablets being enough to bring up from a low!  I'm glad 
you understood what I was talking about and could articulate it further.  I 
too admire the parents and young pumpers out there who can respond to lows 
without the same over-reaction of lots of food.  It's one thing I'm working 
on, to eat less and test when I'm low; but those insticts to eat and get it 
up FAST are deeply programmed.  The pressure of being at work (or school) 
and need to get up the bloodsugar makes it more difficult for me to eat tiny 
amounts though.
  Of course, the main reason my A1C's rose over the course of my college 
years, was that I unintentionally kep lowering and lowering my Insulin doses 
(pre-pump) so as to avoid inconvenient lows during classes and exams.  

-Brian, who is not low but knows very well what it's like to try to write 
when he is!

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