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Re: [IP] sil set change

Erinn wrote:
> you guys probably think i'm nuts with all these sil questions...but i feel
> clueless. i changed my site...all by myself.  but, here is the question...
> do you have to insert the site fast, or can you go in slowly? the person i
> saw do a demo for me (thanks liz) did it fast, but i can't seem to get the
> guts up to go fast, so i go in slow. the first time, that was fine, this
> time it hurt a bit after i got it all the way in.  the skin seemed a bit
> more resistive as well. is it possible to kink the cannula if you go in
> slow? or is the possibility to kink it there which ever way you do it?

I'm definitely a slowpoke. Coupla reasons: first, if it hurts going in,
it's going to be a bad site, and I can take it out and try somewhere
else.  Second, I NEVER got up the courage to go fast, even on shots, 
just for fear of the pain. I always leave the needle in for a few
seconds and wiggle it a bit to see if it's going to hurt.  

I've been pumping for a year come Friday, and I've only had one set
crinkle up on me while trying to insert. What happened was I thought I
got it in, but it came right out again -- pushed it in, it came out, and
then I took it out completely and looked at it -- it looked like an
accordion bellows!

I suspect that people who go in fast have also had kinks, but I'd be
very interested in hearing other views -- not that *I'm* going to

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