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[IP] Lows, Symptoms, and Brians Statement -- Sorry So Long

As I am running low now at work (41), drinking a regular root beer and
popping raisins I totally agree about treating lows.  But not only were we
not aware of the pump then (it was around just we didn't know it), we were
diagnosed in a totally different world.  We weren't just not aware to MDI,
some of us had to fight to be on more then just NPH!  At least I was
diagnosed in 1980!  

As for your comment on symptoms, I always have one of three symptoms but not
all.  They change on about a 2-3 year cycle.  When I was 4-7 I would
hallucinate, have leg spasims that caused me to have problems walking, or
get up and wander aimlessly(in school this was noticed pretty quickly).
When I was 7-10 I would shake, get freezing cold, or have leg spasims. When
I was 10-12 my lips would fall asleep, I would convulse(grand mal), or I
would hallucinate.  When I was 12-15 my lips would fall asleep, my
shoulderblade would fall asleep(this is the weirdest one), I would get cold.
When I was 15-18 leg spasms, lips, and coldness.  When I was 18-21 I would
have leg spasms, convulsions, and lips.  And currently 21-23 I have the
shoulder blade thing, shakiness(right now as I type) or lips.
Looks like I am do for another change huh? :)  Oh and at all times
headaches.  I get headaches during and always after every reaction.  Will
probably have a doosy of one tonight.  Haven't been in the 40s for a while.

Ok ok.  Now back to how I am treating my low. Yes I do know I need a lot
less to bring it back up now that I have the pump (I am bolusing for the
extra carbs I am taking in now), blah blah blah.  Ok, first reason why I am
taking in so many carbs is I need my bg up now!  I am sitting at work
wanting to go home and need to write a brilliant document before I do.  So
the more fast carbs I eat now the faster that will happen.  The 2 tabs I
should only need would take 1/2 hours to set in if I was sitting at 41 and
then I would have to wait to see if that is enough and I just don't have the
time.  So I will eat all of this and bolus for less 30g Carb and be on my
merry way.  The second reason is psychological.  I was diagnosed at age 4
almost 20years ago. I have been feeding NPH since day one.  Until I went on
the pump 4 months ago.  I panic if I only eat 2 tabs.  I just can't deal
with how that could be enough.  And panic makes my bg drop.  See the vicious
cycle.  I found out why tabs weren't working for me! ;)  So I feed as usual
but bolus for the difference a little later when the bg rises.  Not for
everyone I know.  But I treat so many less lows now it isn't that often an
occurrence.  I will gradually reduce the carbs I intake and get to the tabs.
Hopefully.  But the brain is a crazy thing.  I admire those parents/children
who can move from MDI to the pump so swiftly.  This old body (a ripe 23
years of age) needs some time.  :)

-- Sherry
(Whose hands were shaking through this entire typing and didn't make that
many typos...maybe I can pull this document off while running low!)
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