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[IP] RE:(IP) cortisone shots

Re: the message below:
This can be a YMMV situation. How your BG responds to oral prednisone, may be 
different than how one responds to an injection. Predisone has its own peak 
effect depending on the time of day it is taken and if it is an injection 
versus by mouth. A one time injection into a joint can have a different 
effect...peak ands and then gradually leaves the system, depending on where 
it was injected and how the body absorbs it into the blood stream. Prednisone 
by mouth will have a daily peak action, usually rising before noon if taklen 
at breakfast, peaking in the afternoon and early evening and wearing off over 
night. Frequent BG testing can help identify a pattern of the peak actions 
and basals can be increased to off set the insulin resistence caused by the 
Prednisone. The point about watching (aka, limiting) the carb intake is a 
good one.
This has been my experience with renal transplant patients on pump and with 
both types of DM. We had great success with basal increases. YMMV, of course.

Barbara B.

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