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[IPn] Scheduled chat TONIGHT+ next 3 weeks

Here's a schedule of guest chatters coming up on the IP web stie:

Wednesday, March 15,  9 p.m. EST (TONIGHT!)

Dr. Joe Prendergast, Parent Chat. Dr. Joe is
<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>Medical Director of a Diabetic
Disease management company in Atherton, CA. Parents, come armed with
questions for Dr. Joe! 

</fontfamily>Tuesday, March 21, 9 p.m. EST

Our own Barbara Bradley, from Animas, the newest company to enter the
"pump wars," will discuss the Animas pump.

Tuesday, April 4, 9 p.m. EST

Chris Newman, Disetronic, to discuss the new Disetronic pumps, the
D-Tron and Dahedi, as well as any other questions you may have.

Tuesday, April 11, 9 p.m. EST

Bill King, Customer Service/Territory Manager, Animas Corporation, and
a pumper for almost 4 years, he is Team Diabetes coach for the
Delaware ADA-Maui marathon,March 19, 2000, and has run seven
marathons, including the Boston and New York marathons.

Wednesday, April 26, 9 p.m. EST

Nicole Johnson, Miss American, 1999, was dx'd in 1993 when she was a
19-year-<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>old college student. She's
been pumping for 7.5 years and is a spokesperson for the ADA, MiniMed,
and the <color><param>0000,0000,6666</param>Joslin Diabetes Center's
High Hopes Fund for Kids with Diabetes</color>, amongh other
organizations. Read more about Nicole at

Please come and join us in the Anytime room! </fontfamily>To get
started chatting, just go to:


Instructions are there at the site. Hope to see you in the chat rooms!

Jenny Nash (email @ redacted)

Carolyn Green (email @ redacted)

Rodney Mead (email @ redacted)

Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org