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Re: [IP] sil set change

Erinn, the slight redness usually increases with time.  You will just
become more and more expereienced as time goes on.  I know that most sites
for me last 4 days.  I can go longer on my hips, but I usually end up
paying for that with a subcutaneous bump that takes longer to go away.  So
I'm pretty consistent at 4 days/site.  Try it.  Go 4 or even 5, and then
make a note of how the site looks and where it is.  Do that 50 times over
the next 4 months and you will be a pro, at least with regard to knowing
your own bod *S*.  Good luck.

<<<<<<<<<well, tonight will be the end of day 3 (a little over actually)
and i will
be changing my sil. a question:  with soft sets, i could always tell if the
site was getting irritated and needed to be changed early because it would
hurt a lot more than usual, but with my sil, is it the same? currently it
doesn't hurt at all and it doesn't itch or anything either. i would know it
if i needed to change early, right? the skin through the window does appear
to be "slightly" red but that could just be that i haven't paid much
attention to it and it was always like that...
let me know!

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